Respected Sir/Madam,

Greetings from the team, ‘The Students Timeline’, an exclusive newspaper for students. This is to bring to your kind notice about the importance of school promotion annual contract.

a) An impressive to a ordinary activity taking place in an educational Institute, will be known only to students, parents, teachers and people associated with, where as our news paper will enable to highlight the activity to other schools, colleges and to the society as whole. Through our news paper twenty thousand copies will carry the information physically; approximately fifteen thousand plus e-readers go through our e-newspaper in our website. Subsequently, our Facebook page will enable to share each article to seventy five thousand plus people worldwide.

b)In the prevailing scenario social media is the strongest way of promotion, which will manifest the quality of education being imparted globally.

c)All other agencies will approach the education institute to promote their product, but no one will approach you to promote your esteemed institutions.

d)Our newspaper is a free circulation encompassing news importance to the students, teachers, parents and society carry to their respective residence for comprehensive reading.

e)We publish articles about in profound news review of the education institutes in high standards.

f)Publishing the activities of educational institutions round the year.

g)Compiling and making of yearbook (souvenir magazine) compendium of educational institutions (visit www.thestudentstimeline.com). This will enable a visitor to know about the excellence of school in nut shell.

h)Mere advertisement of educational institute will not enunciate the comprehensive development and quality of education being imparted to students, whereas school promotion activity will facilitate to manifest and manifold the strength of the students in your esteem institution in long run.

May God lead you in your endeavor.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully


V Murali Mervic
(Ex Air Warrior)
Chief Editor

Dated: 17 Sep 16.